Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How an Attorney Can Help with PIP Negotiations

In Florida, anyone who drives or owns a car should be familiar with the legal requirement for personal injury protection (PIP) insurance.1 This type of insurance policy exists to cover your medical bills and related losses if you are injured in an accident. Whether you caused the accident or were a victim, your own PIP coverage should still be the source of your recovery instead of the policy of the at-fault driver. This system seeks to minimize the amount of adversarial car accident claims filed in Florida civil courts.

Because your insurance company covers you and collects premiums from you every month, you would expect that the company would pay out the amount you deserve automatically and without question. After all, insurance companies should always want to protect the best interests of their clients, right? It is important to remember, however, that insurance companies are first and foremost businesses seeking to make profits. This means that they will try to limit liability and payouts whenever possible. In order to receive the full amount you deserve, you may need to negotiate with your insurance provider.

How Can PIP Insurers Limit Claims?

PIP insurance can cover medical bills, lost income, and other ancillary expenses from your injuries, including transportation and assistance costs. However, when you make a claim for a certain amount of losses, you may be shocked that the insurer comes back with a much lower offer. The insurance company may limit claims for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Questioning whether certain treatments or therapy were necessary
  • Questioning that you needed to miss as much work as you did
  • Claiming certain injuries were preexisting or caused by subsequent events
  • Claiming that you inflated costs of transportation or other needs

When an insurance company offers a lower amount, too many people believe that they have no other option but to take what they are offered. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however, as you can negotiate with the insurance company before you accept an offer.

How an Attorney Can Help

Negotiating with an insurance company can be intimidating as adjusters know that most people do not have the legal knowledge or resources to do so effectively. Having representation from an auto accident lawyer who understands PIP insurance can significantly improve your negotiating leverage.

An attorney can determine the reasons why your claim was partially denied and can gather evidence to present to the insurer to support the amount you truly deserve. Expert opinions from medical professionals, vocational experts, and others can justify the treatment you received or the work you missed.

In addition, an attorney can help you determine the amount that you request in your initial claim. Often, people do not realize all of the losses they can claim and, therefore, request too little. We can help you accurately calculate all of your losses.

Finally, it is essential to have an attorney review any offer you get from the insurance company. Often, you may not realize that you truly deserve more and may accept an offer that seems reasonable but is actually inadequate. Once you accept an offer, the case is over and you cannot ask for more.

Contact a Clearwater PIP Insurance Claims Attorney for Assistance Today

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