Friday, May 15, 2015

Dangers of Rollover Accidents

A rollover accident1 occurs when a vehicle rolls onto its side or onto its roof. This type of accident is one of the most dangerous because it has the potential to cause severe and often life-threatening injuries. Victims of rollover accidents often suffer head trauma, traumatic brain injuries, shattered or crushed bones, neck and back injuries, road rash, burns, and much more. Though many rollover accidents involve vehicles with a high center of gravity, such as trucks or sport utility vehicles (SUVs), any vehicle has the potential to rollover under certain circumstances.

Causes of rollover accidents
Many rollover accidents only involve one vehicle, however, this does not mean that the driver of the rolled over car is always the one at fault. In fact, rollover accidents are usually caused by an outside force, though sometimes the responsible force is difficult to identify.

Vehicles most often rollover after they are somehow “tripped,” meaning that the tire struck something and caused the vehicle to lean sideways and tip over. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),2 an estimated 95 percent of rollover accidents occur due to tripping. The more momentum a vehicle has when it is tripped, the more force it will have when it rolls over and there is a greater chance it will roll onto its roof or even roll several times.

The following are some of the most common factors that lead to rollover accidents:
  • Getting run off the road – If another driver is not watching and runs your vehicle off the road, you can hit a curb or other object that can result in tripping.
  • Hazardous road conditions – If you are traveling at a higher speed and suddenly hit a pothole, large crack, an uneven patch of road, or another hazard in the road, your vehicle can trip and rollover.
  • Tire blowouts – If your tire suddenly fails, your vehicle can easily get thrown off balance and can lead to a rollover.

As you can see, other drivers, government entities, and auto manufacturers can all be negligent and lead to a rollover crash. Though you may have a suspicion regarding the cause of your accident, you may not know how to gather evidence of negligence and prove that a party was responsible after the fact. This is when the assistance of an experienced rollover accident is imperative to make sure you properly recover.

Rollover truck accidents
Rollover accidents are particularly dangerous when the rolling vehicle is a large commercial truck. These trucks and trailers have a very high center of gravity and can therefore easily roll over in a collision or tripping incident. When a trailer rolls over, it can cause serious damage to any objects, vehicles, or other motorists in its path. If the truck was driving at highway speeds at the time of collision, rolled over trailers also can keep moving down the highway and runaway trailers can cause extensive damage and injury. Additional damage can occur if the cargo spills out of a trailer that has rolled over. Cargo can not only hit other vehicles as it falls, but can also contribute to more collisions for oncoming traffic. If the cargo is flammable or toxic, it can cause fires or exposure injuries.

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