Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

When people are involved in an accident, there is a range of injuries that they can suffer - from minor to life-threatening. There is the further issue of not only the actual injury that the person suffers but whether or not they will be able to resume their former life and productivity when they reach maximum medical improvement. One example of a serious injury that can affect your life is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBI affects approximately 1.7 million Americans every year and kills more than 52,000 Americans every year. The annual cost is a whopping $60 billion dollars.

Some of the complications that TBI patients can suffer speak to the profound, all-encompassing nature of the condition. Not only do TBI patients suffer from the expected mental limitations, often times they suffer from the following, as well:
-Depression, anxiety, hyperactivity and aggression.
Help for Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

There are a number of treatments available to treat the larger complications that are common to TBI patients. Physicians often use medications such as muscle relaxers to prevent spasms, anticoagulants to prevent blood clots, and anti-anxiety medications to reduce the stress and anxiety common to many TBI patients. Physicians also use surgery in many cases to help remove blood clots, repair and remedy skull fractures, and to alleviate brain swelling by opening the skull. After the initial stages of the trauma, the patient must engage in any number of therapy modalities, such as:
  • Occupational therapists to help with fine motor skills and to relearn everyday skills; 
  • Physical therapists to help to relearn to walk and other gross motor skills; and
  • Vocational therapists to help to relearn to work and be financially independent.

All of these medications, treatments and therapies require an army of doctors, such as psychiatrists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, general surgeons, nurses and social workers. It is relatively common for many of these treatments to occur within the same case at one point or another. These treatments can be a crushing financial burden on not only the victim but the victim’s family also. It is not uncommon for the treatment costs to reach into the millions. Even the deepest of pockets would feel the heavy financial toll that such an injury would inflict. As such, it is of vital importance that you retain only the best attorney to handle your loved one’s TBI case. Trust only experienced, competent traumatic brain injury attorneys. The attorneys of Dolman Law Group are experienced, compassionate and won’t stop until you and your loved ones get the maximum recovery possible.
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