Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Who Can Commit Nursing Home Abuse?

When you think of nursing home abuse, you may generally assume that the people who work at the facility are the abusers. While this is often the case, there are other parties that can cause harm to residents of Brookdale Senior Living centers or other facilities. However, there are other parties that may commit abuse that can result in serious physical and emotional injuries in your loved one in a nursing home.

Determining who was responsible for nursing home abuse is essential because if you choose to seek compensation for the injuries, you must file it against a specific party. The following are some examples of parties that can commit nursing home abuse:1

Staff members - Many staff members at nursing homes are underpaid and work long hours. If they become irritated or impatient, they may react by engaging in harmful behavior toward residents. Staff members are the most common perpetrators of physical abuse, verbal and emotional abuse, and neglect.

Nursing home owners - Owners of nursing homes can also act in a manner that either causes harm directly or otherwise leads to harm to residents. For example, owners can fail to properly maintain the premises and injury can be caused by unsanitary conditions. Owners can also be responsible for negligent hiring of potentially dangerous staff members, not providing adequate food or medication, and other types of abuse.

Other residents - Nursing home residents can also assault one another and cause injuries. This is common with physical assault and also for sexual assault. In such situations, the nursing home itself may also be held liable because they allowed the assault to occur.

Visitors - Visitors to the nursing home can be perpetrators of assault in nursing homes, as well. Whether someone is visiting another resident or is a stranger who is trespassing on the nursing home premises, visitors can figure out how to enter the rooms of residents and assault them. The nursing home may also be held liable if they failed to provide adequate security to keep out trespassers or to secure the rooms of residents.

When nursing home abuse occurs, it is important to identify who was the perpetrator both to keep residents safe and to seek compensation for the medical bills and pain and suffering they caused. Abusers may also face criminal charges2 though these cases are separate from any personal injury claim you file in civil court.

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