Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What Causes Commercial Trucks to Roll Over?

Truck rollover accidents can be catastrophic and can lead to very serious personal injuries. Due to a semi- or tractor trailer’s large size and shape, it is no match for smaller vehicles on the roadway. Prior to overturning, tractor trailers can also swing across the roadway, impacting everything in their path. For this reason, rollover accidents often cause extremely widespread damage and severely anyone unlucky enough to be in the vehicle path.
The Science Behind Truck Rollover Accidents
According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA),1 centrifugal forces cause a truck to “lean away” from the curve it’s negotiating, while at the same time, the truck is top-heavy and is supporting a potentially unstable load. This combination is dangerous and can lead to a truck rollover and subsequent collision with other vehicles on the roadway. In addition, the fact that semi-trucks’ trailers have significant surface area makes them extremely susceptible to being overturned by strong gusts of wind that occur perpendicularly to the direction in which the truck is moving.
Improper Loading Procedures
One of the main causes of truck rollover accidents is improper loading procedures. Both truck drivers and shipping companies are responsible for ensuring that cargo is loaded onto trucks in accordance with the proper trucking regulations. This includes taking measures to ensure that the load is properly secured on the trailer.
When it comes to improper loading procedures, the cargo itself can pose as hazard, as it could roll off and impact other vehicles on the roadway or lead to a chemical spill or fire. When this occurs, victims are generally entitled to compensation, as these types of incidents usually do not occur in the absence of negligence.
Improper Truck Maintenance
Proper truck maintenance requires that drivers utilize checklists and regularly inspect the trucks they drive. Good inspections should reveal common defects, such as worn brakes and low tire pressures, which often lead to rollovers and other trucking accidents. Failing to properly maintain and inspect the tractors and trailers can have catastrophic results.
Truck Driver’s Behavior
Another common cause of truck rollover accidents is reckless, careless, or negligent driving on the part of a truck driver. This typically involves one or more of the following:
• braking or accelerating too quickly
• speeding
• fatigue
• not driving properly for the weather conditions
• distracted driving (e.g., calling or texting while driving

In addition, issues like noncompliance with federal hours-of-service regulations or impaired driving could result in serious accident. It is important to always have the circumstances of a truck accident case carefully reviewed by an attorney, as negligence is not always apparent to the untrained eye.

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