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Trucking Accidents in Florida: What To Do?

Commercial trucking is an important business throughout the United States and Florida. With so many commercial trucks on the road each day, it is inevitable that truck accidents will occur with personal vehicles. Due of their incredible size,1 these tractor trailer trucks pose a much bigger threat to everyday drivers than a standard size automobile.
Unfortunately, the nature of the trucking industry is that semi-truck drivers often drive great distances at a time and need to make their destination in a speedy time-frame. This can lead to drivers speeding, becoming sleepy, or simply zoning out from driving so many miles at once. Of course, this threat is amplified due to the size of these trucks and their cargo. All too often, this combination of factors results in an accident and drivers of personal vehicles suffer potentially severe consequences.
Most accidents involving a commercial truck involve serious property damage and injuries and often involve numerous vehicles. Because trucking accidents are often more complex and have multiple parties involved, navigating the aftermath of a trucking accident can be difficult without the help of an experienced trucking accident personal injury attorney at your side.
Damage in Trucking Accidents
Even in minor collisions with commercial trucks there can still be a substantial amount of property damage and injuries to the driver, even if the damage or injury isn’t readily apparent. Most trucking accidents go beyond a minor collision and have the potential to cause severe damage, not only in the initial impact, but in subsequent collisions or accidents resulting from drivers swerving to avoid collision. No matter how serious your accident, a personal injury attorney can ensure that you receive full compensation for the damage you have suffered.
Tips for Dealing with Trucking Crash Aftermath
Seek Medical Evaluation: Get immediate medical treatment if injured. If you’re not in need of emergency treatment right at the time of the crash, it is still a good idea to go get checked out soon after the accident. Not all injuries are immediately apparent and can manifest days or even weeks after the collision and you may be unaware of the extent of the injury you have suffered. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
Treat: Treat your injuries and follow doctor’s orders. Following instructions will not only improve the possibility of recovering all you are entitled to in a potential lawsuit, but it will more importantly aid in your recovery.
Note Important Information: Make a list of any potential witnesses. You may need people to testify at trial on your behalf if the trucking company attempts to claim you were at fault or mitigate their fault by blaming something out of their control. It is also advisable to write down anything else you remember about the accident. While there will likely be an accident report made by the responding police, recording everything you can remember at the time will help make sure all relevant information is used to aid you in recovering against the at fault truck.
Don’t Talk!: Do not speak with the trucking company’s representatives. The trucking company has many high-priced lawyers working on their behalf who will do their best to immediately try to poke holes or damage any potential suit you may bring

by trying to get you to say something against your own interest. Do not talk to them.
Contact an Attorney: Speak with an experienced trucking accident attorney. They will be able to deal with the trucking company’s lawyers and insurance company on your behalf. In addition, they will be able to guide you through the process, so that you will only have to worry about treating your injuries. Your lawyer will be able to seek the compensation that you deserve, ensuring that you are reimbursed for your medical bills and your pain and suffering.
Trucking companies often have big law firms and powerful insurance companies on their side. Do not attempt to fight them alone. Only a trucking accident attorney can level the playing field and ensure that you get a fair fight and the compensation that you deserve.
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