Friday, August 12, 2016

John Deere Recalls Garden Tractors Due To Dangerous Failures

In conjunction with the with the Consumer Product Safety Division, John Deere has announced a recall of certain models of lawn and garden tractors due to failures with the mowers reverse implementation option (RIO). The RIO system is designed to automatically shut off power to the mower when the tractor is shifted into reverse. Should that system fail during operations, the driver and bystanders are at risk of severe lacerations.
The following Zero-Turn Mower models comprise the list of those being recalled by John Deere. The model numbers being recalled are Z445, Z645, Z655, and Z665 with serial numbers beginning with 1GXZ. For a complete list of the serial numbers included in the recall, please visit the John Deere website. The model number is located on either side of the engine and the serial number is located next to the foot rest on the right side. The recalled tractors were sold from December 2015 through July 2016 at independent John Deere retailers across the U.S.
Consumers that own one of the recalled tractors are required to contact their local John Deere dealer as soon as possible to receive free repair of the defect. Registered owners should expect to be contacted regarding the John Deere tractor recall.  
Although there were no deaths or injuries resulting from the recalled tractors, or riding mowers as they are often referred to, many individuals are injured or killed each year in riding lawn mower accidents. Many of these injuries and deaths are to small children involved in back over accidents. These accidents are the type that the John Deere Rio system is designed to prevent. Recognizing the imminent danger of an inoperable RIO system, triggered the national recall.
The Dangers Associated with Riding Mowers
Thousands of accidents from riding mowers could have been prevented if all of the mowers involved were equipped with a “No Mow in Reverse” (NMIR) system. A large percentage of those injured were children. Most John Deere tractors were equipped with NMIR safety features by 1998 but many waited years to follow suit. Murray, for example, chose not to equip their riding mowers with NMIR systems until 2004. There are still countless riding mowers in operation today that are lacking an NMIR system.
Rollover accidents are another common cause of injuries related to lawn tractors and riding lawn mowers. Many injuries and deaths from being crushed beneath a rollover could be prevented with the installation of a roll bar and lap restraint. Even with the amount of rollover injuries and deaths being well-known, rollover protection systems are not standard equipment on many mowers today.
Preventing Lawn Mower Injuries to Children
The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that more than 17,000 children are treated for lawn mower accidents each year. By following simple safety measures 100 percent of lawn mower related injuries to children could be prevented. Here are four safety measures that should always be taken:
·       Never allow kids to ride on mowers
·       Be sure that all kids are inside and away from the mowing area. If you see a kid nearby, stop mowing until the child is out of the yard.
·       Remove all stones, twigs toys or any other potential projectiles from the area prior to mowing.
·       Never reverse the mower unless absolutely necessary.
Dolman Law Group – Concerned for Children’s Safety
Dolman Law Group is committed to the safety of children at all times. There is nothing more heartbreaking than to learn of a serious injury or death to a child that could have been prevented. Anything that can be done to help prevent injuries to children is a step in the right direction, including the installation of properly working, safety equipment on lawn tractors and riding lawn mowers.
If your child was injured by a lawnmower, call Dolman Law Group today at 727-451-6900 to speak with a product liability attorney. There may be compensation available. 
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