Friday, July 29, 2016

Talc Lawsuits In Madison County Illinois Total Over 200

Since a link was discovered between talcum powder and ovarian cancer, over 200 women have filed lawsuits against Johnson and Johnson in the Madison County, Ill. courts where the last two cases were tried.
Two separate juries awarded damages in two cases. One plaintiff, a cancer survivor, was awarded $55 million and the family of another, who died just prior to trial, was awarded $72 million in damages.
Christine Harders was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using talc products for thirty years. She is filing a lawsuit alleging that the product was “unreasonably dangerous and defective.” It continues by claiming that Johnson & Johnson, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products, Imerys Talc America Inc. and Luzenac America continued selling talc products despite studies that showed a cancer risk connected with the products. Johnson and Johnson allegedly failed to warn women of the cancer risks and propagated false misleading and biased information. This is despite the fact that they could have offered a safer cornstarch based alternative.
In addition, the suit claims that an association was formed that sought to “prevent regulation of talc and to create confusion to the consuming public about the true hazards of talc relative to ovarian cancer” after research, beginning in 1971, found an association between talc and ovarian cancer.  
The 1971 study, along with another conducted in 1982, confirmed an increased risk of ovarian cancer from genital talc use. It was also indicated that the lead researcher, Dr. Cramer, allegedly suggested that a warning label be place on the products, to a doctor for Johnson and Johnson. Johnson & Johnson has been manufacturing talc products under the Johnson
The 1971 study uncovered the fact that malignant tumors removed from the ovaries of women had small amounts of talc imbedded within. This discovery supported earlier suspicions that a connection existed between the talc products and ovarian cancer. One of the products, Shower to Shower, is still being marketed to this day by Johnson & Johnson directly to women for personal hygiene for the reduction of vaginal and perineal odor. There have been 21 other studies, most of which show that a woman using Shower to Shower, or similar talc based products, increases the risk of developing ovarian cancer by 33 percent over non-users. One study performed on women in 1982, who used the product while ovulating, increased the risk of cancer development by as much as 92 percent. Talc Products have been used to keep skin dry and odor free since Johnsons Baby Powder was first sold in 1883.
Aside from the individual lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson, a class action suit has also been filed. The lawsuit claims that Johnson & Johnson failed to adequately warn against the risk of ovarian cancer. In the class action case the compensation is limited to a refund for any money spent on the talc products even if the users did develop ovarian cancer. Joining the class action will not provide any additional compensation and prevents any further litigation against Johnson & Johnson.
What Should You Do If You Suffered from Ovarian Cancer After Using Talc Products
If you developed ovarian cancer or lost a loved one after the use of talc products such as Johnsons Baby Powder or Shower to Shower in the genital area, you should seek the help of a qualified product liability attorney immediately. Statutes of limitation apply in these cases so it is imperative to act quickly or your opportunity to file a case may be lost.
Dolman Law Group is currently seeking women who have suffered from ovarian cancer due to the genital use of talc based products. If you are one of those women please contact a product liability lawyer at 727-451-6900 for a free, confidential consultation. You may be entitled to a significant settlement.
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