Tuesday, July 26, 2016

High School Football Stars Are Dying

Although high school is a time for studying, it is also a time for gaining experience interacting with others and learning life lessons. Outside of the classroom, students are able to gain life skills by connecting with their peers through a variety of extra-curricular activities. Of these out of classroom activities, most of the time the school has some sort of sports related teams. Whether it is tennis, soccer, track, or football, there is always a chance a student may accidentally get hurt due to their own, or someone else’s negligence. In specific, high school football is infamous for being one of the most dangerous high school sports a student can play. The National Federation of High School Associations reports that in the 2014-2015 school year approximately 1,085,182 students played 11-player high school football. [1] How many of those students are being hurt while playing the game they love?

High School Deaths Due To Football

Football, being the rough sport it is, often serves as a way for students on their high school teams to get injured. Examples of high school football players becoming injured and even killed can be found everywhere. Just this past October, a student died in Wallace County, Kansas while playing football due to another player tackling him so hard that the student had a traumatic brain injury. [2] Within two months of this accident, three other students were reported to have died “due to either heat stroke or cardiac events”. [2] In total, there were eight high school football deaths in the fall of 2014. [2] Out of these eight deaths, “only one of them is clearly indirectly football-related”. [2] The other death was not directly related to football. The deaths that were directly resulting from a football hit were caused by an aneurysm, brain and head injuries and a broken neck. [2]

Indirect Deaths

Why are indirect deaths still occurring? For a football player’s death to be considered one that resulted from an indirect cause, it means that the death could not have been the result of a direct physical blow to the team member. [2] As a result, indirect deaths that occur in students are often avoidable. Under the proper supervision of an adult or coach, the team member that might have been hurt could be monitored by another person. Through the supervision and monitoring of the athletes that are on the field, football players could more easily avoid overheating and other types of indirect deaths. [2] Overall, the indirect death of team member could very well be the negligence of another coach or person responsible for the teams well being. If you or a friend or family member find yourself in the situation where you believe that another person’s negligence has negatively affected them, it is critical that they contact an experienced brain injury attorney. Once with a proper personal injury attorney, you will be able to discuss the rights and/or compensation you may be entitled to as a result of someone else’s negligence impacting your life.

USA Football Heads Up Football Initiative

The National Football League (NFL) has come to recognize the problems associated with the dangers of high school football. As an effort to encourage the enforcement of the safety while playing high school football, the NFL created the USA Football Heads Up Football organization. [3] USA Football Heads Up Football is a “nationally accredited online coaching education program” that has trained more than 80,000 volunteer youth coaches since 2007”.[3] With its rich curriculum, it is able to teach young football players the fundamentals of football player safety content. [3] This curriculum includes but is not limited to programs “including concussion awareness and management protocols, player hydration and proper equipment fitting”. [3] In addition, USA Football Heads Up Football has also teamed up with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “to promote safer play”. [3] Overall, USA Football Heads Up Football has positively affected the youth in the football community and assists in securing the future of the safety of the next generation of all sports.

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