Friday, January 23, 2015

Steps To Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents1 can happen in an instant, usually when you least expect it. Imagine that one minute you are grocery shopping as usual and the next you are on the ground in serious pain. Many slip and fall victims may not even realize immediately why they fell or may not notice that there was a dangerous condition on the premises that caused them to fall. By failing to take inventory of your surroundings and take other steps after a slip and fall, you may lose your chance to recover for your losses from the responsible property owner. If you slip and fall at a business, store, or another type of property, there are certain important steps you can take to increase your chances or receiving the compensation you deserve for any injuries you suffered.

Take pictures of the premises

Sometimes people simply slip and fall for no particular reason other than simple clumsiness. In many cases, however, slips, trips, and falls occur because a property owner negligently allowed a dangerous condition to exist on the property without properly fixing the condition or warning visitors. If you fall, you should always closely observe the surrounding area to look for hazards, including the following:

·         Wet or slippery flooring
·         Spills that have not been cleaned up
·         Objects or debris left in the middle of walkways
·         Uneven or overly work flooring
·         Torn carpet
·         Cords left unsecured to the walls

These are only a few of the possible conditions that could cause your fall. Take pictures with your phone of the surrounding area if you notice a dangerous condition. These pictures can serve as later proof of the condition.

See a doctor

Though injuries from many slip and falls can be relatively minor, some victims suffer serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI),2 neck and back injuries, broken bones, and more. You may not realize the full nature of the injury you suffered (such as a TBI) right away, so you always want to seek the opinion of a medical professional immediately to ensure that all of your injuries are properly treated.

Do not admit any liability

Following a slip and fall, you should talk to a store manager and fill out a report or take other steps to document the incident. However, you should not admit any fault in the slip and fall during such conversations. Even if you simply say, “I cannot believe how clumsy I am,” a manager or property owner can later use that statement against you to avoid liability and claim that the accident was simply your own fault. Insurance companies for the property owner will also work to avoid liability, so it is always wise to have a personal injury attorney communicate with other parties and insurance companies on your behalf to increase your chances of recovery.

Contact an experienced premises liability attorney for assistance today

If you have fallen on someone else's property due to a dangerous hazard or condition, you should not delay in contacting as experienced premises liability attorney in Clearwater, Florida. An attorney will be able to start investigating the circumstances surrounding your fall and can advise you on whether you have the legal right to recover. Business or property owners will generally work hard to avoid liability, so you always want to make sure you have a lawyer who thoroughly understands how to handle a premises liability case. If you have suffered injury, please contact the highly skilled team at the Dolman Law Group at 727-451-6900 for a free consultation today.

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