Monday, November 3, 2014

Florida Amendment 2 is a Simple Decision

Remove politics and use common sense.

This is how a dream world would be governed, and the exact opposite of how our current world is.

It’s shocking to me that it’s normal to consider the legalization of medical marijuana a “political battle”, but I too am guilty of just that.

The opposition certainly puts up a vigorous fight, but what else would you expect when a majority of the opposition is pharmaceutical companies that benefit from marijuana remaining illegal?

These companies—along with private funders like Sandy Adelson—make it seem like the legalization of medical marijuana will produce only negative effects.

They make it hard to see the good that such a change could make for the health of our state. The numbers are crunching and tomorrow’s voting will finally reveal the decision.

Here at Dolman Law Group, we are absolutely for the legalization of marijuana for the purpose of medical treatment. Allow me to explain.

Why Should You Vote Yes?

·        While it has many beneficial effects on the user, it’s relatively harmless, with the rare case of someone getting “too high” and panicking and/or becoming temporarily ill until they sober up.

Marijuana is a gift from Mother Nature; a natural pain reliever that has no carved-in-stone lethal dose. And those narcotics doctors are prescribing currently for pain? A dosage error could cause irreparable harm up to and including death.

When treatment devices and/or medications (like morphine shots) are in the house, special measures need to be taken to ensure that everyone you live with understands the risks and dangers of improper use of said devices and/or medications.

If a child were to consume a parent’s prescribed Percocet, the resulting side-effects could be catastrophic.

Florida residents are being punished with harsh penalties for the possession of medical marijuana, but for some, it’s the only way they can maintain a pain-free day-to-day life.

“Deal with it!” some of you may say.

“If marijuana didn’t exist, you’d have to live with the pain anyway!”

Those of you who say that would be correct if that was the case, but marijuana does exist. It’s just being kept from citizens that could benefit from its use tremendously.

Ask any legitimate medical marijuana patient how they would feel if you were to permanently restrict their use of it from now on.

They would probably snicker and giggle at you, explaining that life without medical marijuana would be torturous and inhumane.

A stubborn, close-minded individual may recommend moving to a state in which medical marijuana is legal if you rely on it to continue a comfortable life, but I strongly disagree with that approach.

By doing so, we’re losing forces to fight against the corruption; our “legalization taskforce” is withering away and moving to states that have already smartened up.

·        We’re enabling the rapid and corrupt growth of the pharmaceutical companies that we claim we despise by keeping medical marijuana illegal.

People need to realize just how lopsided the scale is between pharmaceutical companies and patients.

Why prescribe a relatively low-cost, easy to grow, completely natural, cure-it-all PLANT, when you can prescribe very profitable synthetic pills that were formulated in a lab and produced in masses in a factory?

If medical marijuana becomes illegal, many level-headed patients who were previously on expensive prescriptions will make the switch to cannabis (with a doctor’s consent, of course) and not only save money, but feel better.

Without customers buying their poisonous pills, a good majority of their income is lost.

Why Would Anyone Vote No?

One of the first reasons that come to mind is this:

·        Everyone will suddenly become public “potheads”. Parent’s precious children will be polluted by the drug which is now “legal”.

Please don’t forget that the legalization of medical marijuana has absolutely no affect on the recreational use of it.  

If your teenage son wasn’t smoking marijuana before the law changed, it’s not going to get any easier and/or harder for him to do so after the law changed.

Patients must receive written and signed consent from a doctor, and minors must receive parental consent on top of that. If you haven’t those papers, the laws against marijuana use will be identical to how they’ve always been in Florida.

While there would be a general increase in the amount of marijuana in the possession of Florida residents, the only growth in possession we’d see is from patients who were prescribed it for medical treatment. It’s unlikely that they’d be sharing their rationed amount with friends.

·        They just don’t know about marijuana.

When I was younger, I had absolutely no idea exactly what marijuana was. I didn’t know what shape it came in, how you consumed it, what it was used for, and how much you could get charged for having such.

Frankly, I didn’t care at all. I knew it was bad because my parents and teachers told me constantly, I knew it was a “drug”—those are bad, right?! I knew it was green and it was a plant.

These are the simple terms that everyone seems to robotically repeat to today’s generation.

“Don’t do drugs! You’ll either die or go to jail!”

Spend a little time researching just how bad something is or is not before taking someone’s word for it.

Parents and teachers who are influencing the developing minds of today’s children: practice what you preach!

Go read up about marijuana history, facts, effects, benefits, regulations, laws, rights and decide whether or not you really support what everyone has always told you is right or wrong.

Tomorrow, November 4th, is Election Day. It’s our chance to stand up and turn the tables on the greedy pharmaceutical companies that destroy our economy, hospitals, and health.

Let’s support the health of our family, friends, and fellow Floridians who could benefit from the ability to use medical marijuana.

Vote “YES” on Amendment 2; there’s no reason good reason not to.

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